After the rain is a blog to accompany my photography pieces, which is my train of thoughts in-between a hectic life in London and other places I travel to. It’s a meditation on nature and the lesser-heard inner voices; a sliver of silence in the middle of life’s noises.

This analogy comes from my own observations growing up and living around small tropical islands. I am constantly faced by the inner struggle to keep up with the unnatural fast pace of progress, while at the same time trying to hang on to the great outdoor life I was raised on.

My focus is directed on the riverine and seaside subjects, where I mostly spend my time. It also touches on water and environmental issues that I observed.

The project is my love letter to nature, my hope for it to prevail and my complicated relationship with it.

After the rain also alludes to the feeling of calm and relief after a storm. You could say it’s about a new beginning after a turbulent passage.


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